Product Videos

In response to a Legal Hold a preservation in place can be done effortlessly from a single form:

  • Enter the name of the custodian, or their computer
  • “Automatic”, the default setting for File Selection,  does a comprehensive scan of the entire hard drive
  • Specify where to copy files

As shown here the Actevis Collection Wizard will search the C: drive for potentially responsive files, copying these to folder C:\collect for an in-place preservation.



The video below shows this in action:


You can also instruct the Actevis Collection Wizard to save the results, potentially responsive files plus a family of reports, to either a network drive or an attached USB drive. The collection can then be put away for safe keeping by your IT department , or hand-off to legal counsel.

Custom Processing

The next video shows custom processing, where overrides are done on which ESI is collected.

The user has elected to collect Audio files, but to exclude “midi” electronic music files (.MID) from the collection.

Note how the potentially responsive files are organized, making it easy to increase or reduce the scope of the targeted collection.

The wizard shows the inventory of files, generated during the first stage of processing (which was depicted in the video above):

  • lists file types by group, such as Audio, Compressed, Database, Email
  • allow each group, and individual file types, to be included or excluded

This video concludes by showing the:

  •  family of reports that are created when processing is concluded
  • Summary report displayed in the browser and optionally sent by email

Note how the wizard is capable of finding and copying:

  • deleted files resting in the Recycling Bin
  • email  and locked files, such as Outlook email OST and PST