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Our wizard make it easy for you to perform a forensically sound collection of electronically stored information (ESI) — documents such as Microsoft Office, PDF, email and text files — while staying within the tightest budget.

The Wizard includes a fast, powerful data analyzer that enables you to quickly assess the amount and type of ESI prior to collection.

The Actevis Collection Wizard is THE solution for collecting ESI from a Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop

  • Performs a forensically sound copy
  • Prevents accidental spoliation
  • Copies locked files such as Outlook email so no special eDiscovery expertise is necessary
  • Generates chain of custody reports that protect you in court


  • Starts at a very low per workstation price with unlimited GB
  • Avoid the need to retain an expensive eDiscovery collection specialist
  • So cost-effective that even the smallest organization can afford to immediately preserve
  • Is the perfect bridge for moving your collected documents to a Cloud vendor for early case assessment

Get More Sleep

  • Stop worry about getting cross-examined in court,  having to prove you have expertise in eDiscovery document collection
  • Save tens of hours of your time
  • Includes a data analyzer that prevents ESI $$$ sticker shock
  • Act immediately on that legal hold; access our shopping cart to purchase, install, and begin collecting ESI within minutes

The Actevis Collection Wizard is a unique product that bridges the gap between technology and lawyers, a gap that places many litigators today in a difficult ethical situation with no clear solution. Until now.

The reality is that today’s eDiscovery solutions for collecting ESI from custodian’ computers are not the least “lawyer friendly.”  Collecting ESI in a manner that can stand up to court scrutiny is a daunting challenge, and typically performed by an expensive specialist.

Lawyers who supervise document collection are held to a rapidly increasing standard of competence

Stricter federal court standards for eDiscovery are now flowing into the state courts.  The evolving standard is evident in the  California State Bar Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility & Conduct Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 11-0004 that addresses the ethical duty of eDiscovery competence. This states in part:

An attorney lacking the required competence for the e-discovery issues in the case at issue has three options:
(1) acquire sufficient learning and skill before performance is required;
(2) associate with or consult technical consultants or competent counsel; or
(3) decline the client representation.

Actevis Collection Wizard is now available, at no cost through November 1, 2017, for your evaluation.